The Experience Lasts a Lifetime

Sandy History
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Sandy Island is a small cay off Sandy Ground beach in Anguilla.

It is quite possibly the most beautiful place one will ever visit.  A popular off island
getaway, Sandy Island offers visitors a sensational tropical experience.
It’s far away enough for that quintessential Robinson Crusoe feeling, yet close enough to
stay connected to the mainland.

Every year the island is renewed by forces of nature.  Hurricanes, tropical storms and severe wave action all play a part in reshaping the island. Some call it destruction...  We call it renovation and renewal. Catch the daily sea shuttle aptly named “Happiness” and escape away to Sandy Island’s magical shores.

Sandy Island opened in 1984.  With just a little make shift shack for shade, a traditional drum-pan barbecue grill and a cooler stocked with cold beer.  The island's 2 man staff entertained boat loads of hungry sun and sea worshippers for many years.  The island was and still is used as the backdrop for many weddings, movies, TV commercials, photo shoots and music concerts.  In 1995 the island was completely washed away by Hurricane Luis.  In 1999 Hurricane Lenny brought new sand deposits and a shipwreck.  Since then the road forward has been a labor of love and transformation. In 2007 the restaurant was rebuilt.  In 2008 Hurricane Omar renovated.  In 2010 Hurricane Earl made his modifications.  Today Sandy Island remains even more beautiful.