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daily menu
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Sandy Seafood Salad

Seasonal leafy greens topped with warm seafood, and drizzled with a citrus vinaigrette


Sticky Ribs

Juicy baby back ribs slathered in a sweet and mildly spicy barbecue sauce


Drunken Coconut Shrimp

Succulent shrimp sauteed with coconut cream and rum


Mango Meatball Stick Up

Delicious home style meatballs, pan seared, skewered and dressed in a delightful mango barbecue sauce


Bite Sized Fish Traps

Grilled flat bread stuffed with fresh fish in a creamy curry dressing


Fire Coral Shrimp

Fabulously spicy, peel and eat shrimp flavored with scotch bonnet peppers and ginger


Main Entrees

Crispy Grouper

Pan seared fillet of grouper topped with sauteed

Sandy Snapper

Whole or fillet snapper char-grilled or grill steamed with olive oil,
white wine, & herbs


Grilled Lobster-Sandy Island Style

Freshly caught Anguillian lobster grilled & served with coconut and ginger sauce


Mahi Mahi

Grilled Mahi Steak Fillet infused with lemon, garlic and black pepper


Crazy for Crayfish

Tender and sweet ~ a must have on Sandy Island

Spiced Shrimp Kebabs

Shrimp marinated with our very special sandy spice mix

Sizzlin Sirloin

Juicy 12oz Sirloin grilled to order
Available by request only.

Rack Um Up Ribs

Juicy baby back ribs piled high & served hot off the grill

Barbecued Chicken

Smoky & good! Seasoned with our special rub

Veggie Platter

A combination of delicious vegetable and salad sides with grilled vegetables when available

Side Bowls

Sea Shell Pasta Salad

Sandy Slaw

Rice and Peas

Island Salad




Surf and Turf

Chicken & Ribs
Snapper & Chicken or Ribs
Shrimp & Chicken or Ribs
Crayfish & Chicken or Ribs
Lobster & Chicken or Ribs

Surf All The Way Combos

Shrimp & Snapper
Crayfish & Shrimp or Snapper
Lobster & Shrimp or Snapper
Lobster & Crayfish

Triple Lobster Sampler (for two)

Discover and indulge in all three varieties of lobster caught in Anguillan waters!

Sampler includes Spiny Tail Lobster, Crayfish and Slipper Lobster (when available)


Fisherman’s Platter (for two)

Fisherman’s Bounty ...Lobster, Crayfish and Snapper served on a platter with lots
of lemon and lime, and accompanied by our delicious sides

Captain’s Platter (for two)

The captain is king, and he/she should eat like one…
Lobster, Shrimp and Ribs piled high, accompanied by our
delicious sides

Family Style Picnic

Wooden bowls of our delicious sides accompany platters of your
lunch choices. This picnic is sure to garner oohs and ahs from every one


All entrees, combinations and platters served with traditional rice and peas, seashell pasta salad, sandy slaw, and fresh greens


Chocolate Moon Cake

A rich and chocolaty cake drizzled with chocolate sauce and kahlua


Sunshine Cake

Cointreau laced vanilla cake served with fresh fruit


Traditional Coconut Tartlet

Moist and sweet coconut in a scrumptious island style pie crust


Island Fruit Tartlet

Tropical pineapple or guava shines in this sweet local favorite



Add 15 % service charge (+ optional 10% hotel charge for automatic room billing.


No Private picnicking allowed!